BD Holding Group

Worked with BD Holding Group’s marketing specialist and a graphic designer to update the group’s image and websites.

Jun 2018

BD Holding Group websites

BD Holding Group’s new marketing specialist wanted to update and modernize the group’s image and to take the opportunity to redesign and improve their websites. The group consists of three companies: BD Consultores, BD PEL and BD Servicios de Información.

Together we analyzed the existing websites and we agreed on several key areas that needed improvement: navigation was confusing, the mobile experience was quite poor (despite the websites technically being responsive) and it was not immediately clear what each company did upon accessing their site. We set out to correct these issues as we updated the sites’ visual design.

One of the previous websites
One of the previous websites

I development a single, custom theme to use on all three websites, which could be slightly modified to reflect the somewhat different identity of BD PEL, because its identity is more tech-inclined and less corporate than the other two.

BD Consultores | BD PEL | BD Servicios de Información