LatinAlliance is a regional law firm with offices throughout Central America. A marketing specialist and I were hired to design a new website for them.

Sep 2016


LatinAlliance website

Our initial assessment was that the website was indeed in great need of a redesign. It was not responsive, and it did not inmediately reflect the fact that it was for a law firm, much less their regional presence.

Stakeholders interviews and competitive benchmarking

We met with stakeholders in order to understand their requirements for the website. The most important insight gained was that the new website needed to reflect their regional presence, and that it needed to be easier for clients to get information on and contact each regional office. Previously, it focused on their office in El Salvador, and all contact information was also for that office.

Previous website
Previous website

We also did a brief competitive benchmarking of other Central American law firms.

Information architecture

We felt that the website needed to be built from the ground up, in order to reflect the importance of the different regional offices.

LatinAlliance sitemap

U/UI design


One of the biggest decisions was making each regional office’s page a landing page that could stand on its own, it would include their staff, address and a way to contact them directly, without having to all go through the office in El Salvador.

Additionally, the homepage helped convey their identity as a law firm that operates in all of Central America.

LatinAlliance homepage design


The new website has had a 25% increase in pageviews overall. More importantly as far as goals, are the increased page views in the rest of Central America aside from El Salvador:

  • Guatemala 69%
  • Honduras 323%
  • Nicaragua: 148%
  • Costa Rica: 92%

There has also been a 73% increase in mobile traffic.